Shadows over Sharn

The Missing Artifact

Adventure 1

The players were hired by an inquistor from the Church of the Silver Flame to track down a stolen artifact after a priest was murdered and it was stolen. The artifact is 3’ by 3’ and is a multi pointed star mounted on a square background. it looks like mithril is much lighter. It’s only notable effect was that it gave off light on command

The church was investigating the church to ensure it wasn’t tied into something more nefarious. The artifact is of Dhelkar origin and is a key to unlock a sealed portion of Sharn’s underground.

The thief that was seen leaving after the murder worked for a man named Janar who heads the Wild Roses. A small time gang that mostly uses intimidation and extortion with occasional theft to make money. They have been mildly successful because they haven’t done enought to run afoul the law or a larger gang.

The party sought information from the locals and the city guard responsible for this part of Sharn. The information led them to a bar.

While seeking information about the murder and theft they went to the Drunken Tumbler, where the suspected thief usually drank. The Drunken Tumbler is a popular place for thieves and cut throats. The party met the Half Elf Swashbuckler Adonan d’Lyrander who volunteered to help them. He had his own agenda but was willing to aid the party (Of note the half-elf is the DM’s PC) The party was tipped off to where the theif’s corpse was at and went to have a look.

After finding out the thief was murdered and dumped in the river prior to him stealing the artifact, they were taken to Janar at crossbow-point. They brokered a deal where they would pay him 1000 GP and keep the artifact if they got to it first. It was a race to recover the artifact between the theives and the party.

They were escorted underground to the where the door was by the theives and encountered a group of skeletons. For the record, when not using blunt weapons skeletons are very tough. The Silver Flame Paladins arrived and aided in scattering the skeletons. They continued to clear the area while the party began investigating the area. Amid the ruins was a door made of the same material as the artifact.

While investigating the door, the silver flame inquisitor arrived with the artifact in hand. He wanted the party to get out of his way so he could open the door. This struck the party as odd and they worked to get the artifact away from him. The inquistor was an imposter who had taken the actual inquistor’s place after killing him. The paladins stood to the side until the inquistor was captured and took possession of the prisoner and the artifact and promised to get with the players to discuss their payment.



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