Shadows over Sharn

A Gnomish Scholar

The party has taken to drinking at the Drunken Tumbler, which has discouraged the regulars from drinking there. The two Silver Flame Paladins, Thaddeus and Ferro Lightbringer, pay the players the agreed price for recovering the artifact. The offered a follow-on job to the party to meet with a gnomish scholar named Aspira from the Library in Korranberg in Zilargo.

They meet with the scholar who explains that the artifact was used by ancient goblins to seal away undead. As he examines the artifact, he sprinkles several different powders across until finally in a flash of light text and images are revealed. He tells the party and church members that it will take a few days to translate and they should come back when it’s done.

The party agreed but had a lingering problem in the form of Janar. As the Gnomish thief and Human bard left the tavern, they were approached by four thieves. The message they delivered was Janar wants his money plus interest.

The easy way out of the problem was to pay Janar the 1,000 gold pieces that they agreed upon. Adonan d’Lyrandar approached the players with a different solution. He encourages them not to pay him any money and rather assist him in recovering House Lyrandar property that the thieves had stolen.

Adonan had embedded a gem into the frame of the house that resonates with it’s counterpart in his possession. By using this gem, he was able to track down the manor that Janar’s gang, the Wild Roses, was based. He proposed that they lead the city guard to Janar’s hideout and provide a distraction while the guard provides reinforcements to arrest the gang.

Deciding that they would rather keep their money, they visit the City Guard Station in the Brass District. The party worked with Desk Sergeant Erik Halverd who provided minimal information about the robbery from the small church. Halverd initially balks at the party talking with the captain, but changes his tune when presented with a letter from House Lyrandar.

Captain Hadrian Benedictus hears out the party’s plan and decides that ridding the streets of the Wild Roses is an excellent idea. He agrees to provide the man power necessary to overpower the gang, but can’t gaurantee the party’s safety while inside.

Confident in their abilities, they were not persuaded from pursuing Janar and set about to become the decoys while the guard gets into position.

The Wild Roses had taken up residence in what looked like an abandoned manor. Janar had created a number of ways to enter and exit below ground. No one ever came through the front door, so the thieves on guard were surprised when the party strolled on up.

They were quickly taken to Janar who demanded his money. Their were words that quickly devolved to a fight when it became apparent the house was under attack. Janar had two thieves and two thugs with him that attacked the party. Janar hurled insults while the others engaged the party.

Janar saw the writing on the wall and fled when defeat loomed. He managed to escape while the party pursued but were unable to catch up. The city guard arrested the stragglers and wounded. The city guard gave the manor to the party because Janar was actually the owner.

The following day a messenger arrives for the party explaining that Aspira has completed the translation. The party rushes to the villa that the Silver Flame maintains in the city to learn what the artifact holds.

The artifact was used to seal away an evil necromancer who was fighting against the ancient goblins in what is now Sharn. The necromancer created an army of undead and threatened the entire area. He boosted his power by opening an anchor point to the negative plane. This greatly enhanced his power and his undead. Eventually, his army was pushed back to his laboratory where he created his army.

They were unable to close the portal so they sealed it away. The artifact carries a warning against opening the door because it would cause the cycle to repeat. The church believes that they can server the link to the negative plane and end the future risk.



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